The 5Min Review: Indeed Laboratories – Hydraluron

I shared about the APIEU Essential Source Hyaluronic Acid First Ampoule just a few days ago and I thought it would be great to follow it up with another “hyaluronic acid” product review – which is the Hydraluron. I think it’s always interesting to see if things that have similar ingredients actually works out similarly, especially if one is a much more expensive product. Hydraluron was a very hyped up product a couple of years back – I first heard about it from Caroline Hirons and then soon every youtuber was talking about it. When I saw it last year in Australia, I grabbed it with no hesitation.

First of all, it has to be noted that it is clearly stated on the tube that “this serum provides below-surface hydration and is not a substitute for topical moisturising creams” – I’m quite impressed with this disclaimer because for once, they did not over-claim to do 598 different things for your skin. The packaging is a very simple plastic squeeze tube; I like it for its convenience and hygiene, and it’s very easy to control the exact amount you want.

The product is a clear gel; on contact, it has a cooling feeling – the texture is not as fluid as some gels can be but it’s not sticky or oily; it has to be rubbed into the skin though or it will just stay in a blob shape where it’s squeezed out on. After rubbing in, I cannot feel it on my skin except that it is slightly more ‘plump’ and less dry to the touch. I also find that if I really want to, I can wear this underneath makeup because it’s so lightweight and non-greasy that it does not affect my makeup at all.

I think this was quite a lot better than the APIEU product – I do feel the hydrating effects of using this. I don’t think the differences or effect can be seen visually as I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles and my dry and dehydrated skin can only be seen really up close, but my skin does feel more comfortable even after sleeping through the whole night in a very cold air-conditioned room. This was one of the few products that I think is not just hype but actually works!

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