Midweek Peek: The Best Advertising Mailer

Because of the number of beauty brands memberships I have, I receive tons of advertising mailers. But this mailer from Sulwhasoo is the best that I have received in a while! Most mailers invites you to some event, or allows you to exchange it for a tiny sample if you go down to their boutique – I hate the latter because I have to make my way down for some tiny samples, and they will ‘force’ you to purchase something on top of it; it’s rarely a good experience so I usually don’t bother.

I think the Sulwhasoo mailer is not just beautifully done – with nice good quality paper and pretty designs, but just look at all the samples included in it! I’m really impressed by their attention to detail – this way I will get to try all the products as opposed to asking me to go down to a boutique to get samples. Sulwhasoo has a special place in my heart – I love their products, and I think this mailer shows how much ahead of the game they are versus other brands.

One thought on “Midweek Peek: The Best Advertising Mailer

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