Haul: I picked Sam’s Picks

A super quick haul post – I picked up the Real Techniques Sam’s Picks set recently when I saw it popping back up on the iherb online store. I have been waiting for it for so long but it’s always sold out! This comes with a multi-task brush, buffing brush, essential crease brush, setting brush, pointed foundation brush, and fine liner brush.

I already own several brushes from the Real Techniques brand, so I know what I like – the face brushes are really lovely, but not a big fan of the eye brushes. I wanted to pick up another buffing brush, and don’t own the multi-task brush yet so this set was just perfect and great value to me. I also love the setting brush, although I’m not sure if I need two in my life. I paid about SGD40 inclusive of shipping for this set which is a bargain to me.

By the way, Sam’s picture is so beautiful on the packaging!

Review: Koyudo Fu-Pa14 Brush

One of my more recent but rapidly growing obsession is makeup brushes. I’ve learnt it is almost always easier to work with an average makeup item and a fantastic brush, than an amazing product with a lousy brush.

One of my favourite place to read about makeup brushes is Sweet Makeup Temptations – the blog is an amazing and informative read for anyone loves makeup brushes. Most of the brushes mentioned there are pretty high end; I personally like it that way so I know what is worth splurging on. After reading her blog, I felt compelled to grab the Koyudo Fu-Pa14.

The Koyudo Fu-Pa14 is a powder brush and costs about S$80. Because it’s hand made, it took about a month for the brush to be made and sent from the date of ordering. Made of a blend of gray squirrel fur and baby goat chest hair, it’s short, with a flat and rounded top, and a black handle with gold ferrule. It is very densely packed, and not floppy at all.
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Daiso Gems: Pump Dispenser

Daiso is one of my favourite shops – for those who don’t know, it’s a shop that sells everything for S$2 each. A lot of things in the shop are rubbish or really random, but quite often, there are some gems to be found. I love browsing in the shop and I don’t feel so bad if I went crazy shopping in there because everything just costs S$2 anyway!

One such gem that I’ve found recently is the pump dispenser. It’s more well known as a nail polish remover dispenser, but it works just as well for anything that is in liquid form. It’s cheap, and I find it so convenient to use. I use mine to put nail polish removers as well as makeup removers. I love it!

Come to think of it, I think another Daiso trip is due soon…

Review: Make Up Store Home Spa Brush Cleansing Soap

Cleaning brushes used to be such a chore – if you use brushes to put on liquid or cream foundation, you will know how painful it is to clean them, especially after some time. I used to lug all the brushes I’ve used over 2 weeks to deep clean at one shot, which means bending over the sink for over 2 hours trying to get all the gunk out. But everything changed since I bought this Make Up Store Home Spa Brush Cleansing Soap. Unlike its really long name, this product makes cleaning brushes so quick and easy!

The soap comes in a little black plastic case, and is shrink wrapped. The soap itself is a thick round block weighing 120g, with its logo imprinted on it. To clean the brushes, all I do is slightly wet them, and swirl it on the soap. If it’s too dry, just add more water and continue swirling. Then rinse.

I find the soap cleans so quickly – it takes less than a minute to clean a brush, and my whole cleaning session for 2 weeks worth of brushes is done in half an hour, as all it takes is a few swirls on the soap followed by rinsing. Something in the product just removes all the gunk in record speed time!

My white-bristled brushes also swiftly turn back to white, which was nearly impossible or took so much effort when I was still using baby shampoo or Daiso detergent! For brushes with more-than-two-weeks foundation lodged in them, I do the same – swirling on the soap – then followed by more swirling on my palms to sud it up more.

Before I bought this, I was using the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge; back then, I thought it worked very well in getting rid of products from my brushes. But after a while, I found that my brush hairs were getting a bit scratchier and definitely drier. I’ve been using the Make Up Store soap for a while, and did not notice any of my brushes’ texture changing.

This soap costs S$25, which is really expensive for a bar of soap. But honestly, it was S$25 very well spent, and I would spend it over and over again. It takes me more than 3 months to use up the soap. Brushes can be really expensive, but with good care, they can actually last really long. Not to mention all the time that I have saved on cleaning brushes!

Rating: 4.5/5