Haul: Saving on Necessities

A quick haul post today! There was an incredible sale going on at John Little and I just had to stock up on some necessities! Because I am ‘blessed’ with tons of hair everywhere *ahem*, I had to stock up on Gillette Venus Embrace and Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel in Wild Berry; shavers and shaving stuff are usually very expensive so I always grab them when they’re on sale – especially if it’s 25% off! I’m also running low on cleansing waters so I took the chance to try the Bourjois Micellar Cleansing Water and Bourjois Micellar Cleansing for Waterproof & Long Lasting Make-up – with 20% off they cost S$12 and S$13.50 each respectively!

This must be the most boring haul ever but I mean, if I save money on necessities, then it means I have more to spend on the ‘fun stuff’ right?

Haul: Because Nobody Goes to Thailand without Some Shopping

A quick little haul post today – I just came back a week plus ago from a weekend trip to Bangkok. And, nobody goes to Bangkok without some shopping, so here I am with some beauty shopping! I didn’t actually get any Thai beauty brands – mainly because I didn’t really see any really great quality Thai makeup and I don’t have confidence in their skincare. Plus they have Boots, which is a drugstore from the UK – I used to live in the UK so I really miss boots and all the amazing British brands, so whenever I go Thailand, that would be my first (of many) stop.

I got some Boots skincare and primer, which was going for Buy-1-Get-1-Free, a Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer since I’ve heard so much about it, and a NYC IndividualEyes palette in Midtown Mauve. I had to get a Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder because I’ve used another shade of this before and loved it but it’s not available in Singapore. Finally, I totally stocked up on Soap & Glory beauty products – with a Love at First Blush, a set of 3 Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons, and a Kick Ass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder.

I actually thought this was a pretty small haul! But I was travelling by budget airline this time and didn’t want to check in my baggage so I knew I couldn’t purchase anything more than 100ml. The fiance was really amazing this time – he brought me to find the largest Boots store in the area, which was quite out of the way and was where I found a lot of these items that weren’t available in the smaller Boots. I’m definitely marrying the right man! 😛

Haul: Don’t Brush off these Cheap Brushes

Over the weekend, I walked past *SCAPE Bazaar, which is kind of like an open-air flea-market beside Cineleisure in Orchard, Singapore, and I thought that I’d just pop in for a quick look – as I love flea markets – to see if there was anything interesting… and lo-and-behold, I saw these amazing brushes! They were just selling for S$28, for the whole set of 10 brushes!

At first I kind of brushed them off – because I thought, what kind of quality would it have at S$3 a piece – and walked off. But since our car was parked on the other side, I had to walk back and decided to touch them this time… and they were so soft! They remind me of Sigma’s and 13rushes’ or Real Techniques’ synthetic brushes, but they just might be slightly softer! I don’t know if they have a proper brand – I tried to google the name inscribed on these brushes but couldn’t find any company.

A couple of them had 1 or 2 hairs sticking out but that was it. I think those could be solved with a little snip of the scissors. I’ve washed them last night and there were no brush hair falling out or anything. They were just as soft as before, with no smell. Really amazing brushes. Plus they are fabulously white (also comes in pink, blue, black and gold). So happy with my haul!

Haul: Chanel Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque

Hi. Would you like to see my new toy? Enter the Chanel Harmonie Levres Lip Palette in Arabesque, from the Chanel Le Blanc 2015 collection. It’s so pretty in the packaging that I can’t even swatch it. I will, but just let me stare at it a little more. It looks way prettier in real life, but I literally just came home and it’s 8pm and I can’t wait to show it off, so I took a quick snap of it in my terribly lit room.

This cost me S$86, a big ouch, but just look at all 5 lip colours there – how could I say no?!

This is limited edition, so if you want to get it, be sure to make it down now. I don’t actually foresee it running out so quickly, as Chanel items are pricey and lip palettes are usually not that high in demand. But I just fell in love with the packaging that I had to get it right away.

Haul: Boosting the Japanese Economy

Hi! I’m back with a HUGE haul! I got all of these back in the last week of 2014, right before my major beauty budget scheme! Yes, I am sneaky like that! So back in December, I went to Japan for our annual ski trip. Since I am the worst skier in the world, I actually only spent a day on the slopes… and the rest of the time in the onsen (hot spring baths), eating kaiseki, and… beauty shopping!

So on the first day of a new year, all the shops have this amazing huge blow out sale – they come in little bags called Lucky Bags. It’s like a mystery beauty box, except that it comes in a plastic bag. It was amazing! I managed to grab a few that turned up in my local beauty store even before the new year. They usually go really fast on new year’s day itself, so I was incredibly lucky to be able to find some that popped out before the new year. All the lucky bags were incredibly discounted. What I got in my lucky bags – about 20 sheet masks for SGD6, and a 5 K-palette items for under SGD25.

We spent most of our trip in Hokkaido, but the last 3 days in Tokyo; so I managed to make a few quick runs to the department stores and grabbed some items from a few brands that I really wanted – 2 lip items from Addiction and an eye palette from Three. I also grabbed some drugstore/local products from a three-storey huge beauty drugstore – a cleansing oil, a trial kit from Astalift, some lashes, eye masks, facial oil, facial cleansing soap, and a few other knick knacks. Then finally a Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil from the Duty Free store at the airport.

So, this rounds off my last mega haul for some time! Did anything catch your eye?

Haul: Sephora… Again!

Holiday season and Sephora? They are a matchmade in haul heaven and a pain in the pockets! I just couldn’t leave Sephora without buying something with so many new holiday gift sets popping up, so over the weekend when I *passed by* Sephora, I ended up walking out with a big bag of makeup.

First up is a box of 6 scented fizzy bath balls from Sephora which costs S$18 – I bought it because I have a couple of trips coming up. Vacations are my only chance for a long bath as I don’t have a bath tub at home; I couldn’t justify buying 20 bath bombs (half for me and half for the bf) from Lush, given how expensive they are, so wanted to mix it up with some cheaper ones like these.

Next is the NYX Pure Decadence Butter Gloss Set. At S$20, I thought they are quite reasonably priced, although not really a great steal. Included in this set is NYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet, Tiramisu and Devil’s Food Cake; a really good mix across the color spectrum. I’ve heard a lot about the NYX Butter Gloss, but this is the first time I’ve got my grabby paws on some.

Finally, is the Tarte Kiss & Belle Lipsurgence Lip Set which set me back S$49 for a set of 8 lip products. I feel like I’ve been buying a lot of lip products lately but little itty bitty lip products are just so irresistible! I’ve tried a matte Lipsurgence before and wasn’t really a big fan of the strong minty taste/smell but… look at them! They’re so cute! How could I say no?! And S$49 for 8 cute little lippies? Yes!

Anyway that’s it for my “little” haul. I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking at what I’ve bought; I always love reading about what other people are buying!

Haul: A Trip to Sephora

Just a couple of days ago a new Sephora outlet popped up right in my neighbourhood! That means less than 15 minutes walk to a world of beauty products! Hurrah! Of course, the boyfriend would not be too happy about it. But when a Sephora store opens almost at your doorstep, you know that your luck is turning way for the better! And how could I say no to a little opening celebration shopping? I also mentioned earlier that I’ve found a new job, so I think that’s a great reason to pamper myself a little!

So what did I get in Sephora?

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Haul: Korean Beauty

Hi everyone! I’m back!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve actually been away for the last 10 days – taking a much needed break, in Korea! Of course, going to the land of beauty and flawless skin, I couldn’t help but pick up… tons of beauty products!

I’m not actually going to list out everything that I bought because there is just way too much! The bulk of what I bought was sheet masks – they were so incredibly cheap and I just couldn’t help but keep buying them! There were a lot of offers of buy 1 get 1 free, and the original price of just 1 piece was already cheaper than what I pay for them in Singapore!

If anyone is headed to Korea and looking to go crazy on beauty products, do check out Myeongdong or the area around Ewha Women’s University. I could just shop at these areas the entire day! The sales people can be a little pushy but they are also very generous with samples.

Anyways, hope you had a good time ogling at my huge haul. Wahahaha. 😀

Haul: I picked Sam’s Picks

A super quick haul post – I picked up the Real Techniques Sam’s Picks set recently when I saw it popping back up on the iherb online store. I have been waiting for it for so long but it’s always sold out! This comes with a multi-task brush, buffing brush, essential crease brush, setting brush, pointed foundation brush, and fine liner brush.

I already own several brushes from the Real Techniques brand, so I know what I like – the face brushes are really lovely, but not a big fan of the eye brushes. I wanted to pick up another buffing brush, and don’t own the multi-task brush yet so this set was just perfect and great value to me. I also love the setting brush, although I’m not sure if I need two in my life. I paid about SGD40 inclusive of shipping for this set which is a bargain to me.

By the way, Sam’s picture is so beautiful on the packaging!

Haul: Aussie Beauty

So there was no way that I could go on a holiday – even one to escape from everyday life – without doing some beauty hauling! I didn’t think I got as much as I planned; everything was so much more expensive than I expected and some of the items that I wanted, like the Kora Organics skincare, were nowhere to be found. Anyway, it’s probably a positive since I’m going to Korea soon so I can save up my money for an all-out haul there! Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what I’ve got from Australia!
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