Empties #22: July 2015 – Part 1

It’s time for July’s empties! O. M. G. This is insane! I probably say this every month but time just flew by. Sometimes there’s a positive side to time flying by – because there’s less time to harp on nasty things. I’ve been working like mad to avoid the fact that I don’t enjoy my current workplace. I have made plans to move on but I’m working on them – I just need some time to make sure everything is in place, which means I just have to bear with it for a few more months. Anyway, let’s get to the empties!
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Empties #20: April 2015 – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my empties post for April 2015! Do you ever feel like, when you’re nice or the responsible one, people seem to take advantage of you? This is what my April felt like – I’ve been running around helping other people and I can feel myself burning out. My to-do list for others are so long, but a lot of things are for people really close to me so I just can’t say no. Add on all of my own issues to settle – and my skin suffers. I’m going to hold back trying new stuff for the next month or so, to let my skin have a rest; so I’m guessing that next month’s empties won’t be so full! But then again, I always surprise myself. Anyway, let’s dig into my beauty trash!
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The 5Min Review: Clarins Gentle Exfoliator

I’ve heard so much about this Clarins Gentle Exfoliator, especially from Caroline Hiron’s blog, but it was so hard to find – this is not sold in Singapore, I couldn’t find it online, and when I finally found it in Italy, it was sold everywhere. I finally found the last one in a countryside store and grabbed it. Can’t remember how much it cost though – at that point, I really didn’t care because I finally found it!

This is meant to be a brightening toner, with Tamarind and White Nettle to get rid of dry surface cells and enlarged pores. This contains glycolic, salicylic and tartaric acid.

This has a pretty strong chemical scent, but this does not feel as bad as it smells. I’ve tried a few other acidic toners and some of them really sting the face – but this does not. The texture is slightly thicker than a lot of toners I’ve used – it’s still liquid just not as fluid in consistency as water. I use this once a night, putting it on a cotton pad and wiping it over my face.

In short, I like it – it’s not drying on my skin, and doesn’t sting. I feel like it keeps pimples at bay, and my skin feels slightly less congested when I’m using it regularly, but I can’t really see the brightening effect. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it again though – I don’t think it did enough for me to scour the entire world for it but if it’s convenient for you then I would recommend it.

Empties #18: February 2015 – Part 2

I love making lists. Especially when it’s lists of empties! Here’s a ginormous list for Part 2 of February’s empties… it’s going to be a really long list, so I hope everyone enjoys reading these lists too! There’s tons of sachets, skincare, and a lot more makeup this month so let’s get to it!
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Empties #15: November 2014 – Part 1

Feels like every alternate month, I have a huge chunk of empties! This month I will be adding a little system to make running through and doing short reviews on a ton of empties easier. Yes, I kinda copied or adapted this scoring system from someone else. Please don’t be mad with me if it looks similar to yours; copying is the best form of flattery! It just means that I think you have something great going on there! Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get on to my empties this month!
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Empties #11: July 2014 – Part 1

Hi everyone! It’s empties time again! Another large empties post – managed to accumulate A LOT of products; some completed, and some too old and needed to be thrown out. I routinely check through my stash every few months and toss out items that are bad, expired or opened for too long.

I don’t always follow the expiry date for makeup – I toss it if it’s no longer in good condition/quality and sometimes if it’s too old, but I’m quite strict about doing so for skincare products. I don’t know why, since it all goes onto my face! Anyway, let’s see what empties I have this month!

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