Review: NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm

Oh boy. Where do I start with this? This is one of my favourite lip balms; this does what a lip balm should do without being boring. What do I mean by that? Read on to find out!

Claims from the website:
This best-selling balm with Honey and precious oils is highly concentrated in ingredients that nourish, repair, soothe and protect even the driest and most chapped lips. Thanks to its unique texture and subtle taste of refreshing grapefruit, it really is a beauty must have.
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Review: Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips in Berry Bomb

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms are one of my favourite tinted lip balms in the market, so when I saw these Electro Pop versions popping up in stores, I had to grab one. There are 6 shades available in total, with only 4 being sold in Singapore, but I have enough Baby Lips to last me a few years so amazingly I managed to exercise some restrain and only picked up the purple one in shade Berry Bomb.
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Midweek Peek #14: New Indie Brand – Balm Kitchen

A couple of weekends ago, the bf and I went for a stroll around Orchard and had parked at TripleOne Somerset; as we were getting out, we saw a poster for a flea market that was going on that day, at the 16th floor. We love strolling around flea markets, so couldn’t resist going for a twirl. Plus, it’s indoors, which meant an air-conditioned flea market! Nothing to lose, all to gain!

It was a very small flea market, but being the beauty addict that I am, I still came away with great finds! The one that caught my eye is from this little ‘Indie’ brand called Balm Kitchen. You can see the website here. It was the first time I saw the brand, and when I had a sniff at the lip balms I was just floored, especially the Dark Choccy Lip Balm. I thought OMG it smells exactly like dark chocolate!

The owner was very nice and came over to introduce her brand… which was when she said that all her products are made with real ingredients, no artificial flavouring or scents. Which means… that the Dark Choccy Lip Balm is really made out of dark chocolate!!! How cool is that!?

I didn’t end up buying the Dark Choccy Lip Balm… because she said that there will be a slight brown tint and I don’t particularly like brown on my lips. Plus the bf said to get the Coffee O’holic. The scent for the coffee one is not as strong, but it’s still there – it’s made of Arabica coffee! It doesnt taste like coffee though. I love drinking coffee, so coffee in my makeup? Yes please!

I also got a little sample of their Balancing – Geranium & Rose body balm as a gift for buying the lip balm. So far I’m loving it – it’s moisturizing but not too oily even though it’s made of oils and butters. When rubbed into the skin, the aroma disperses and become stronger – I really love the scent!

I will be stalking this new brand to see if they come out with any more new products… and maybe even pick up a full size body balm soon…

Review: HURRAW! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

I haven’t done a lip balm review in a while and thought now would be a great time as I’ve recently found one that I really enjoy – and it’s the HURRAW! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm. I chanced upon it on a small standing box in Watsons and decided to give it a try since it had all these great claims of “100% natural ingredients”, “organic”, “wildcrafted”, and “cold pressed”. Not sure how much I paid for it, but it’s retailing for US$3.79 online.

Claims on website:
In July, ripe, delicious black cherries grace us with their sweet juicy presence straight from the east side orchards of Montana’s Flathead Lake. A deep wildcrafted alkanet infusion gives our black cherry balm a ruby red sheer tint. An all natural organic black cherry flavor makes it… tart and yum!

The packaging is slightly different from normal lip balms – its oval in shape, so theres a small round dial at the bottom to wind the lip balm up as you wear it down. I like its oval shape because it does not roll off the table!

Back to the lipbalm, I… LOVE it. This is probably the best balm I have ever used! It’s not sticky, and it smells amazing just like its name, “Black Cherry” but the scent is pretty light. It does not have a taste though. It gives my lips a slight tint of berry/red; it’s very natural and sheer, but my lips are definitely more red than usual. It has a nice sheen but is not too glossy or shiny.

In terms of moisture, I think this kept my lips really nice and soft. It is easily one of the most moisturizing formulas that I have tried but does not feel heavy at all. One thing I found is that the texture is slightly softer than a lot of other balms that I’ve tried – it’s softer and not as ‘balmy’.

In all, I love this lip balm. I find it really comfortable to wear, truly moisturizing and really easy to wear while looking nice – I don’t need a mirror to apply but it does show up making my lips look so nice and juicy. Love!

Rating: 4/5

Review: eos Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit

What is round and cute, pink, and smells amazing? Enter – the eos Lip Balm Sphere in Summer Fruit. I’ve seen this lip balm featured in tons of youtube videos over the last couple of years – sadly, this item is not readily available in Singapore so when I chanced upon it at a makeshift store for around S$10, which is morbidly overpriced, I had to pick it up.

Claims by eos:
eos lip balm in Summer Fruit is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

Fruit scents are my preferred choice of smell and this lipbalm is incredible on that front. I find it quite sweet-smelling and really fruity like it is meant to be, but not overpoweringly so. I just simply adore the smell!

The packaging is also really adorable – in a round little plastic sphere with a flat bottom so that it stands up on its own and doesn’t roll around. However, it’s not the most convenient thing to bring about and can be quite weird to stick in your pockets. So this lip balm mostly sits on my desk at work.

In terms of efficacy as a lipbalm, I would rank it middle of the road. It’s quite a solid product so it feels waxy on the lips and needs a few runs over the lips for it to feel adequately ‘coated’. Freshly applied, the lips feel very comfortable and soft, but not greasy or slippery. However, the ‘moisturised effect’ doesn’t last very long – I couldn’t feel any of it on left my lips an hour later. But because it’s not fluid, it’s very easy to use lipstick or gloss over without it being goopy.

In short, I do like this because of its smell and the fact that I can layer other products over without it being too much. But a lip saviour – it is not. I would recommend this as a base for other more drying lip products, but not for those looking for a good moisturising lip balm.

Rating: 3/5