Unboxing: Sample Store Haul

I got a small little box lately from the Sample Store – how it works is that you get to select up to 4 items “free”, just by paying S$5.99 for the postage; so it doesn’t matter if you selected 2 or 4 items, the postage is still S$5.99 per package. I don’t think that they should claim that the items are free though, because postage is definitely cheaper than S$5.99, and the service is actually run by Singapore Post… deduce yourself. But anyway, for the amount of products, I think S$5.99 is more than fair!
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Unboxing: Lip Monthly – August 2015

This month’s lip monthly bag came really late – even later than last month! It’s so very nearly September; and every month it seems like the bag is taking a few more days to arrive. I know it’s just me being OCD but I would like to get an August bag in August. Anyway, let’s just quickly dive in!

Note that came with the bag: “We’re so excited for you to get all the super chic products that your August Lip Monthly bag includes. We want to hoour that summer is almost over with a bunch of great and chic products… and a bag to match that theme.”
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Unboxing: So Susan Lip Love Bag – August 2015

Last month’s So Susan Lip Love bag was supposed to be the last of my 3-month subscription – but I didn’t realise that they had this auto-resubscribe function enabled after the 3 months end, and I only found out after they have shipped out this bag. I’m a little irritated because they should have at least informed us at the point that the item is “purchased” or when they charge my card, not after it’s shipped. I feel cheated into getting this bag, but at least they were efficient in helping me stop further subscriptions. But let’s just make the best of it and see what’s in it!
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Unboxing: So Susan Lip Love Bag – July 2015

Oh hi! It’s yet another unboxing! And it’s also another lip bag! July has turned out to be the month that practically rained lip products! I’ve received 2 sets of Lip Monthly and 2 sets of So Susan Lip Love in July! I only just received the June bag about 2 weeks ago, because of some delay – but this month’s was extremely on time (considering the shipping time from the UK to Singapore)!

This month’s theme: “July celebrates life in the most joyous ways… Summer picnics with best friends, running barefoot across the lawn, ice creams & balloons, a cold drink under the hot sun, and most of all, being able to say I am here, I am happy and Life is beautiful…”
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Unboxing: Lip Monthly – July 2015

I don’t know what happened but I thought I just unboxed a Lip Monthly bag? Then I realised actually last month’s bag came really late – I only received June’s bag in the first week of July. So I’ve actually unboxed 2 lip monthly bags this month! I’m not complaining though – I’m needing some cheer-me-ups at the moment and unboxing surprise boxes usually does the job!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box July 2015

Hi everyone! It’s time for another LookFantastic Beauty Box unboxing! This is the 2nd last box in my 6-month subscription and now that it’s about to end, I’m not quite sure if I’ll actually continue it. I’m in a major de-stashing mood and I have more than enough beauty samples to last me a long time. But that’s a discussion for another day – let’s dig in to this month’s box!
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Unboxing: So Susan Lip Love Bag – June 2015

After last month’s great bag, I have been looking forward to this month’s So Susan Lip Love Bag… but it only just arrived in July! I’m not upset actually; the canvas bags that the products are packed in were stuck in transit, but the company did keep us updated of the delay, and offered to ship June’s bag earlier but with an older canvas bag. I didn’t really mind the wait in exchange for a relevant bag, so I let it be. I bought the 3-month subscription for USD47.85 and apparently I had a partner reduction of about 20%, though I’m not quite sure how; this is the 2nd bag in my subscription.
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Unboxing: Naturisimo Travel Essentials Discovery Box

I’m not exactly an all-natural beauty products kinda girl – I just think that all those years and money into researching on chemicals and technology can’t be just to create something that’s worse off than what comes naturally right? But I’ve always been curious about natural products – if they are actually really that different as many claims, or if my skin will react to them. So when I saw this one-off beauty box from Naturisimo, a natural and organic beauty retailer, with 7 revealed items, for only £9.95, I had to get it! The theme is Travel Essentials – so everything is travel size.
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Unboxing: Lip Monthly – June 2015

Finally – my June 2015 Lip Monthly beauty box has arrived! I’ve seen a few unboxing posts on this and I’ve been waiting so excitedly for mine because it looked so good! So let’s see if mine is just as good!

This subscription costs USD10 a month, but there will be another USD5 shipping cost if you’re outside of Canada and the US, which I am. As usual, it comes with a Lip Monthly pouch which houses all the products for the month. It’s not my favourite but it’ll still come in useful.
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