Unboxing: So Susan Lip Love Bag – August 2015

Last month’s So Susan Lip Love bag was supposed to be the last of my 3-month subscription – but I didn’t realise that they had this auto-resubscribe function enabled after the 3 months end, and I only found out after they have shipped out this bag. I’m a little irritated because they should have at least informed us at the point that the item is “purchased” or when they charge my card, not after it’s shipped. I feel cheated into getting this bag, but at least they were efficient in helping me stop further subscriptions. But let’s just make the best of it and see what’s in it!

Item 1: Jelly Pong Pong Goji Blush in Peach Chiffon (Bonus Item)
Worth USD17.95. I’ve loved all the powder blushes sent in So Susan’s bags. I think they make really great blushes; the texture is really soft and buttery, with medium pigmentation that is so easy to wear. I love this shade – there’s nothing peachy about it though. The packaging is also very pretty!

Item 2: So Susan Strengthening Cuticle Oils (Bonus Item)
Worth USD25.95; there are 5 different oils – sea algae for amazing hydration; coconut to aid in healthy nail growth; citron to strengthen and reduce cracks; almond to help soothe skin inflammation; jasmine to help heal chapped skin. I used to take better care of my nails and paint them every few days but I’ve neglected them for a while now so this is good to remind me to start again!

Item 3: Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments in Fig Jam
Worth USD19.95. This is the exact same shade I received a couple months ago, and the 3rd Paradise Pigments that I have received. It’s so pigmented so I really don’t need a back up.

Item 4: So Susan Statement Skin in Candlelight
Worth USD19.95. I’m actually very excited to try it! It looks really pretty in the swatch, very subtle highlighting without any visible shimmer particles. I’ve been quite into the whole liquid/cream highlighter thing lately so I can’t wait to try this on!

Item 5:So Susan Haute Light in Eggshell
Worth USD19.95. This reminds me of the Jelly Pong Pong Bare Necessities highlighting pencil that I received last month, just a shade or two darker. I really don’t know what to use this for – it’s definitely not as easy to highlight with as the statement skin; maybe I should use it as a inner-eye pencil?

In total, this bag is worth USD103.80. In terms of what I really like, I would say the goji blush and statement skin highlighter, which comes up to a total of slightly less than USD40 – it is still more than what I paid for the bag. I don’t understand why they noted that the blush is the “bonus item”; if they left out the blush I would have definitely said that the bag is not worth it.

But like I said last month, this bag only carries Jelly Pong Pong and So Susan products; just 4 months in and I have already received repeat products – I can’t imagine any brand being able to pop out enough new products every month so with time I think there will be a lot of repeats. I won’t resubscribe to this bag for a while, but if you’ve never tried their products before I would say give it a go!


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