Review: Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel

A new found love of mine is the Jorubi Aloe Vera Gel – I believe I got it through Samplestore some time ago but had neglected it because… well, it sounded boring. How exciting does Aloe Vera gel sound? I remember when I was younger, my godparents used to have a huge Aloe Vera plant from which they would cut off a leaf or two every now and then to use on burns or rashes. The whole process took quite a bit of time, but now it comes in a convenient tube!

As I got it through Sample Store, mine is a small sample size of 40ml. It’s a clear squeeze tube with a flip open cap so it’s very hygienic. If you’ve read some of my reviews, you’ll know that I love transparent packaging because I like knowing how much I’ve used.

The gel is clear and is 99% made of pure Aloe Vera; there is no scent to it. The texture is very light and sinks extremely quickly into the skin, without any sticky or oily feeling but with a cooling sensation. There is a slight tackiness when first applied, but that goes away in 5 seconds after smoothing it in.

There are tons of uses for Aloe Vera – from healing wounds, soothing rashes and sunburns, to being a skin moisturiser. I don’t usually use it on my face but rather as a hand and leg cream after I’ve been out in the sun, or my body when I get rashes and insect bites. I think it does a good job of soothing any itchiness or inflammations. I also like it after a whole day of being in an air-conditioned room to relieve any tightness of the skin. I don’t know if it clogs pores, as I don’t check the pores on my body?

I did some research on Aloe Vera gel after enjoying this so much – and I came upon some reports that said some Aloe Vera gel stings the eye area. I don’t use this on my face so I don’t know if that is true so just be aware of this if you’re planning on using this on your face.

It’s really hard for me to explain why I like it so much because there isn’t really an amazing change in my skin condition, but I really enjoyed using this especially since I live in a hot climate so cooling down after being out in the sun is an everyday thing. I don’t get sunburn because I really use a lot of sunblock, but it still feels nice to cool down the skin after being out in the heat or when I get rashes, which is pretty often because of my medical condition.

I think Aloe Vera gel is gaining popularity these days – I’ve seen a good number of brands popping out with their version and a lot of them are really affordable. This Jorubi Aloe Vera gel retails at S$10.90 for the small 40ml size at most pharmacies. This is the first packaged aloe vera gel I’ve tried, and I’m definitely looking forward to try some from the other brands!

Have you tried Aloe Vera gel before?

Rating: 4/5

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