Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box August 2015

It’s unboxing time again! This is the last box of my 6-month plan for the LookFantastic beauty box; so this will be the box that helps me to decide whether I will continue with this subscription… let’s dig in and see if it deserves another chance!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box July 2015

Hi everyone! It’s time for another LookFantastic Beauty Box unboxing! This is the 2nd last box in my 6-month subscription and now that it’s about to end, I’m not quite sure if I’ll actually continue it. I’m in a major de-stashing mood and I have more than enough beauty samples to last me a long time. But that’s a discussion for another day – let’s dig in to this month’s box!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box June 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a post! I truly apologise for the disappearance… between work and a broken computer, I just didn’t have enough energy to fix it on a regular basis only for it to fail again when the computer goes through another scheduled windows update. Meanwhile, I certainly haven’t stopped buying beauty products! I have tons of purchases just piling up on my bedroom floor waiting to be unboxed! Let’s start off with this LookFantastic Beauty Box for June 2015!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box May 2015

It’s unboxing time! The LookFantastic box came a lot quicker than usual this month – it usually arrives after the 15th for me, as I live in Singapore, so when I saw it in my mail yesterday I was so surprised and excited! I confess that I might have seen an unboxing for this month’s box before receiving it, by accident, but thankfully I have the memory of a goldfish and I promptly forgot what was in it! Let’s see if there are anything exciting in this month’s box!

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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015

LookFantastic’s Beauty Boxes are now the beauty box that I look forward to the most every month; they’re usually packed with a good mix of skincare and makeup items, spread across a good variety of brands so it’s often both useful and interesting! Let’s see if this month’s box continue to be as good!
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Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box February 2015

A super duper quick unboxing today – because I’ve done a lot of unboxings lately and don’t want to bore everyone with unboxing posts everyday. But I love getting beauty boxes! Ever since Memebox decided to desert us international customers, I’ve been trying to find some other affordable and interesting beauty boxes that I could purchase all the way here in Singapore – if you know of any, please leave a comment! Anyway, back to this month’s LookFantastic Beauty Box!

Item 1: Moroccanoil Treatment
Quick Thoughts: This is 25ml and worth £13.45. I already knew that this was going to be in this box, and is the one that I looked forward to the most; I’ve heard so much great stuff about using Moroccan oil.

Item 2: PawPaw Original Balm
Quick Thoughts: This is a mini 10ml, while the full size of 25ml costs £6.95. I still have a few PawPaw products from my trip to Australia last year so I won’t be touching this.

Item 3: MONU First Defence Illuminating Primer SPF15
Quick Thoughts: This is 20ml sample size, and the full size of 50ml costs £27.95. I don’t usually use primer although lately I have tried to incorporate it into my daily routine. This bottle came incredibly filthy though – the whole white bottle’s exterior was covered in some black powdery dust.

Item 4: Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar
Quick Thoughts: This is supposed to be a cleansing bar made with therapeutic sea mud. It’s 17g, which is a really teeny tiny bar. I’m not exactly that excited – not really a cleansing bar person.

Item 5: Bellapierre Cosmetics Natural Lip Liner in Cinnamon
Quick Thoughts: This is full size, but the colour… oh the colour! It’s a dark brown. There’s just no way I can use this a a lip liner. It feels quite hard as well.

Item 6: Korres Citrus Little Body Milk
Quick Thoughts: This is a small 50ml bottle. I like Korres products and citrus scents so this would normally rank quite high up on my excitement meter, but I have way too much body cream.

This whole box cost me £15 inclusive of shipping, approximately SGD32. This is actually my most disappointing box from LookFantastic. I think it’s still great value but the beauty products either don’t match me or I’ve used them before, or I just have too many of. I guess if you’re new to beauty this will be great box to try something new, but for someone with a huge stash, and after previous fantastic boxes, this was just a little let down for me.

Unboxing: LookFantastic Beauty Box January 2015

This box was really really late – I just received it, the January 2015 box, a couple of days ago. It was no fault of LookFantastic though; my local SingPost just totally screwed it up. When it finally arrived, the whole external brown carton box was soaked through and bashed up – it was so bad that some of the items with boxes were wet as well but thankfully nothing broke or spilt.

Item 1: Nuxe Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask
Quick Thoughts: This is full size and worth £18.50. I already saw a few unboxing for this month’s box prior to receiving mine so I already knew that this was the item that I really wanted.

Item 2: O’right Golden Rose Oil
Quick Thoughts: This is 10ml sample size, and the full size of 100ml costs £27. This is supposed to be a eco-friendly hair oil – whatever that means. Haha. I’m fussy about hair oil, so I’m curious if this will work out for my extremely thick hair. I love rose scents though!

Item 3: Gatineau Collagene Expert Smoothing Eye Pads
Quick Thoughts: This is 1 sachet with 2 pads; the full size with 12 pads costs a whopping £34.50! I have a lot of eye masks/pads which costs a teeny tiny fraction of this, so I’m curious to see if this does anything amazing for my eyes to be worth that price!

Item 4: myvitamins Vitamin C Effervescent
Quick Thoughts: This is a full and retails for £4.49. Ok, I will take it but I’m not too excited/happy about getting this because I already take Vitamin C on a regular basis and would rather get a beauty item.

Item 5: Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash
Quick Thoughts: This is a travel size of 100ml; a 300ml costs £18. Eucalyptus is not my preferred type of scent so this might be going to one of my family members.

Item 6: Phillip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense Spray
Quick Thoughts: This is a travel size of 60ml; a 250ml costs £22. This will be going into my gym bag; I’ve been going to the gym quite regularly recently and all the hair drying has been making my hair dry and frizzy so this came at a good time!

This whole box cost me £15 inclusive of shipping, approximately SGD32. It’s not my favourite box from LookFantastic so far, but I think it’s still a very decent box, and the Luxe mask alone more than paid for the entire cost of the box! The hair products will be interesting to try – and I’m glad that I got this box because I don’t usually buy anything for my hair! Other than shampoo and conditioners, most of my additional haircare products come from beauty boxes!

Did you get yourself one of these LookFantastic beauty box? What do you think of them?