Unboxing: Lip Monthly – August 2015

This month’s lip monthly bag came really late – even later than last month! It’s so very nearly September; and every month it seems like the bag is taking a few more days to arrive. I know it’s just me being OCD but I would like to get an August bag in August. Anyway, let’s just quickly dive in!

Note that came with the bag: “We’re so excited for you to get all the super chic products that your August Lip Monthly bag includes. We want to hoour that summer is almost over with a bunch of great and chic products… and a bag to match that theme.”

See, if you have a theme that goes with the bag, then please make sure that your bag actually gets sent out on time! Not that summer ever ends in Singapore, but you get what I mean.

Item 1: Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil in Pop
Priced at USD25. This is a bright bright orange. I’ve already received another of this in Sweet earlier which I like the shade more; I do enjoy the formula – not drying and very pigmented.

Item 2: Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hooked
Priced at USD14. Look at that pigment! The shade looks really beautiful and I can’t wait to try it!

Item 3: City Color Lip Butter in Sherbet
Priced at USD3.99. I really don’t like this – it was so sheer; I know it’s supposed to be a lip balm but when I saw the vibrant pink in the tube I was so excited! But when applied, there was barely any colour showing; it’s like, I felt cheated. The packaging feels so cheap too.

Item 4: Starlooks Matte Lipstick in Dragon Fruit
Priced at USD7. This looks totally like a lip pencil, so I don’t know why it’s called a lipstick. It’s a really lovely pink, really pigmented and left behind a stain on my hand where I swatched it.

For USD15 (USD10 for old subscribers, USD12.95 for new; USD5 for registered mail internationally), I think this was a great bag! The total value is USD49.99; I don’t think I would pay full value for the products above, but even with a hypothetical 50% discount, the bag would still be worth it!

There’s always a good range of colours so I’m never worried about getting a bag full of shades I don’t like. And a good variety of brands – though they’re not very well known. They are recycling a lot of their brands recently though – so I will be watching the next few bags to see if I’m getting the same brands again before deciding to keep the subscription or not!


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