Unboxing: Lip Monthly – August 2015

This month’s lip monthly bag came really late – even later than last month! It’s so very nearly September; and every month it seems like the bag is taking a few more days to arrive. I know it’s just me being OCD but I would like to get an August bag in August. Anyway, let’s just quickly dive in!

Note that came with the bag: “We’re so excited for you to get all the super chic products that your August Lip Monthly bag includes. We want to hoour that summer is almost over with a bunch of great and chic products… and a bag to match that theme.”
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Unboxing: Lip Monthly – June 2015

Finally – my June 2015 Lip Monthly beauty box has arrived! I’ve seen a few unboxing posts on this and I’ve been waiting so excitedly for mine because it looked so good! So let’s see if mine is just as good!

This subscription costs USD10 a month, but there will be another USD5 shipping cost if you’re outside of Canada and the US, which I am. As usual, it comes with a Lip Monthly pouch which houses all the products for the month. It’s not my favourite but it’ll still come in useful.
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