Empties: August 2015 – Part 2

And we’re back with Part 2! I used up a good number of sample sachets and a few soaps in August – I used to like keeping little sachets to bring on holidays because they’re small and convenient, but these days I prefer bringing products that I’m used to along on trips because then I don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or stressing over breakouts! So I’ve been trying to use up all my sample sachets as fast as I can since I don’t bring them on holidays anymore.
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Empties #10: June 2014

After 2 months of finishing massive amounts of empties, I’m finally back to being able to cover it all in just one post! Nonetheless, I still feel it’s a good amount to have emptied in a month. I’ve been working on finishing up some larger and full size pots and bottles of skincare, such as my serums, toners and creams so hopefully there will be some in the next empties post. Anyway, let’s get on with this month’s empties!

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Review: Etude House Skin [Mal:Gəm] Moist

During a recent facial treatment, my facial therapist told me that my skin is very “absorbent” – that it is very dry so it soaks up all moisture quickly and it also soaks up all dirt and dust. So her advice was to use a non-drying toner before bed and after I wake up every morning. It might sound like a very simple task – but for someone with very dry skin, it’s not easy to find something that I can use twice a day without drying out my skin more!

I was not a fan of Etude House products – they look childish to me but I walked past one day and saw this Skin [Mal:Gəm] Moist,  a “moisture care freshener” targeted at people with dry skin, I thought why not? It’s a good size product at 250ml, and is quite affordable. I like the packaging – it’s plastic; I accidentally dropped it one day and it just bounced off the floor!

Claims from the box:

“Skin Malgem hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with mosturizing and pore cleansing formulas.”

Wow, moisturising AND pore cleansing? SOLD!

I have been using this for a few months, and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with it. The texture is unlike other toners  – most toners feels like water, but this is thicker in consistency and less fluid. It’s clear in colour and does not have any smell. On application, my skin feels quite moist but does not have the squeaky clean feel that I get from most toners.

My skin does not feel dry despite using it twice a day. I also find that my skin feels and appears to be less clogged – I don’t have as much blackheads as before and my complexion appears to be clearer. I don’t usually get breakouts but I do get a lot of little bumps of clogged pores but after using this, the frequency and amount of clogged pores seem to have reduced!

All in all, I recommend this for anyone with dry skin looking for a moisturising toner. This product has certainly changed my attitude towards the brand!

Rating: 4/5