Toss it Tuesdays #2: Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care in Mandarin

It’s time for another toss it tuesdays! This week I’m tossing out the Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care in Mandarin; it’s a tinted lip balm that’s been relegated to the bottom of my lip care stash for quite a while now. The scent is quite sweet and fruity, I liked it at first and then I don’t – this happens with me and scents quite often it seems. This has an orange tint – which again, I liked it initially and then decided that it made me look awful; it’s not pigmented enough to be shocking, but not sheer enough to wear as just a balm without the colour showing through so it just looks like I have weirdly orange lips naturally. I’ve had this for ages and it’s time to say goodbye!


The 5Min Review: YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum

Lately I’ve been working really hard – trying to clear off some work before I take some time off to begin my part time studies. I’ve been sleeping less than 5hours a day and my eyebags are so huge and dark that they’re practically touching the floor. I’ve been using tons of eye creams lately; some people are sceptical about how much eye creams can actually do but I rather be cautious than regret later!

A really quick review today on the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone serum. I got this and many eye creams free from a family member who won a contest to review eye creams for their magazine awards. The way the contest are structured are so lame; each participant had about 30 eye creams and 30 days to test!. I’m glad though – because she only tested about 5 and gave the rest away!

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Unboxing: So Susan Lip Love Bag – August 2015

Last month’s So Susan Lip Love bag was supposed to be the last of my 3-month subscription – but I didn’t realise that they had this auto-resubscribe function enabled after the 3 months end, and I only found out after they have shipped out this bag. I’m a little irritated because they should have at least informed us at the point that the item is “purchased” or when they charge my card, not after it’s shipped. I feel cheated into getting this bag, but at least they were efficient in helping me stop further subscriptions. But let’s just make the best of it and see what’s in it!
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Toss it Tuesdays #1: Lip Smacker Fanta Orange

I’ve been thinking of trimming my stash for a while now; it’s overflowing and absolutely insane for one person but the hoarder in me can’t bear to get rid of things. But I’m moving out of my parents’ house in 8 months and they’re having a major renovation next month, so I suddenly had the urge to purge. I should be a lot more ruthless, but one item a week is all I can do to stop myself from putting it all back! I usually lump these in the empties post but they are not exactly “empty” – and I think it’s good to know about the things that we actually don’t manage to run through!

The first to get tossed out is this Lip Smacker Fanta Orange. I imagine that there will be lots of lip balms in the toss it posts because I have so much lip balms that I don’t use anymore. This is old, very old. I barely used it because I liked how it smelt in the stick, but I absolutely hated it on my lips with that sickly artificially sweet scent. It also didn’t make my lips feel moisturised. It hasn’t changed in texture or smell, but I don’t think I will ever use it other than the occasional take-it-out-and-sniff-and-put-it-back. I think this is actually my very first and only lip smacker, and I don’t think I will be getting more soon.

Midweek Peek: The Exfoliating Toners in Rotation

Toners – they used to be the second step to cleansing. I remember when I first started being interested in skincare and makeup, makeup cleansers had a cream consistency which I use with some cotton wool; I had to follow it up with an astringent toner to remove the remains of the lotion and remaining residue. Nowadays, cleansers are so different – with the no-need-to-rinse-off micellar waters, cleansers are doing such a good job that toners have had to evolve too. And evolve they have.

This week I wanted to show a little peek of the exfoliating toners I’m currently using. These toners do more than just simply cleansing or freshening – they help to exfoliate the skin. There are many more types of toners – anti-spot, moisturising, clarifying, soothing, but today’s post is all about the exfoliating toners. I love them before and after my monthly periods when my skin feels more congested; they help to keep breakouts at bay – I still get pimples but not as bad as when I’m not using them.

First up is the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, which I’ve shown in another midweek peek. I really need to get cracking on with a review for this – this is great but a little milder than the next. Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid is the one I reach for when I need a serious boost in my skin condition – my skin looks really great if I’m consistent with using this, but I can’t use it everyday as it makes my dry skin even more dry. The Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng is something that I picked up after reading Caroline Hirons recommend, but sadly this did nothing for me.

What exfoliating toners do you use?

The 5Min Review: Migabee Energy Ampoule

Sometimes I just love reading the translations on foreign-made products. This Migabee Energy Ampoule is claimed to be “the solution to honey making skin”… well I like honey so I guess it means something good! It goes on to claim “Royal Bee’s solution helps protect the skin from external stress. It will accelerate soothing and help skin revitalize itself.” I got this from the Memebox Special #50 Step-by-Step Skincare box and they claimed the value to be USD30.

First of all the packaging is excessive. Just look at the paper box and the tiny tube! There’s only 12ml of product for the full size. I had to take photos of the product a few weeks ago because I was worried that I’ll finish using it in no time – and I was right; just 2 weeks in and I’ve used up 2/3 of it. The bottle is a nice clear glass, with a pipette which I thought didn’t work well for the texture – it’s hard to control the amount of product because it keeps getting ‘sucked’ back when you release the squeezy-bit.

Ampoules are supposed to contain high concentrations of extracts and tend to be thicker than essences or serums. This can be used on its own, or added to another serum; I’m usually too lazy to be a mad scientist in the evening so I just use it like a serum. The product is a bit gooey or gel-like; kind of like regular honey. Applied, it leaves a slightly wet-sticky feeling, but it’s not too uncomfortable and it’s not oily. It doesnt feel too heavy on even in a hot climate.

Would I purchase it for USD30? For 12ml of product, I think it’s overpriced. In terms of skincare benefits, I think this locks in moisture well and does feel quite soothing but that is all; I didn’t see any of the anti-inflammatory benefits that usually goes with honey. I like it but don’t love it and I don’t think I will pay USD30 because if the effect is just simply “soothing” because then a simple moisturiser would do.